Welcome to CaliDragons. My name is Denise Latanzi and I am a small scale Breeder/Hobbyist. This business was born out of a love for Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitticeps), and a strong desire to produce only healthy, genetically diverse, high color morphs.

Bearded Dragons are great pets, which is an incredible plus, but this has led to problems with people who try to mass produce this breed for pet stores. With limited blood lines available in the United States, responsible breeders will do their best to insure that inbreeding does not take place. To insure the highest quality animals possible, we purchased all our core breeders from responsible and reputable Breeder/Hobbyists.  

We here at CaliDragons carefully track our Dragons blood lines to insure the best quality Beardie possible. Good temperament, color and health quality are the 3 factors we strive for.

Thanks for coming, Have fun looking around!

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